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Concert Review: Rolling Stones At The United Center


Before yesterday, I had never seen the Stones in concert, and it was worth every second, every dollar.

Mick Jagger is an incredible showman; I should have half that much energy at age 60. And their music still sounds fresh, though there was only one new song ("Don't Stop") performed.

Highlights were an extremely high-energy version of "Satisfaction", an unexpected cover of Bob Dylan's "Like a Rolling Stone", with Mick playing harmonica (!). Then he brought the house down with "Brown Sugar" and the encore, "Jumping Jack Flash".

Oh, and just as the opening act (Ryan Adams) was finishing, the guy sitting next to us puked all over his seat. Despite their efforts to clean it up, the area still smelled, so the United Center staff wound up finding six seats for those of us affected, slightly closer to the stage than what we had. Kudos to the UC staff for handling this quickly and in a professional way.

Great show! I'll go again to see the Stones -- who in their program, said they'll be the first band to literally rock till they drop. I believe them.