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Sports Jerk of the Week

After both Tracy McGrady and of all people, Allen Iverson, offered their starting spots on the NBA Eastern Conference All-Star team to Michael Jordan, as a measure of respect for all Jordan has accomplished, today, Vince Carter of the Toronto Raptors refused to do so, supposedly citing the "millions of fans who voted for him".

Get real, Vince. Please. Other All-Stars in the past have given up their spots to honor veterans -- Doug Collins in 1978 for John Havlicek, and Tim Hardaway in 1992 for Magic Johnson.

Just two years ago in the baseball All-Star Game, Alex Rodriguez moved over to third base so that Cal Ripken could play one last game at his original position, shortstop.

These were class acts, but we shouldn't expect much from some people who are part of the "It's All About Me" Generation.