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Afternoon Notes...

One hundred years ago today, Boston and Pittsburgh played game one of the World Series, the first one as we now know it; there were "World Series" in the 1880's and 1890's, but the modern WS dates from 1903.

Boston (then known as the Pilgrims or Americans) won the series, then best-of-nine, five games to three, and won five more in the next fifteen years.

And none since.

The Cubs need win only six of their next eleven games to make it back to the Promised Land.

And, I got a call from Rick Reilly of Sports Illustrated over the weekend, and Al the Media Whore is quoted in Reilly's column in the current issue, out today. If you are a subscriber to SI, you can click on that link; otherwise you'll just have to go out and buy the magazine.

The best is yet to come.