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2500 Miles From Where I Should Be

SCOTTSDALE, Arizona -- Yes, tonight I should be in New York City, trying to scrounge a ticket to Game 1 of the Cubs/Yankees World Series on the street outside Yankee Stadium, and braving the hostile Yankee home crowd for a memorable night.


Instead, I decided, since I had a week off work booked anyway (and no, this wasn't in anticipation of a Cub World Series -- I almost always take a week off in mid-October, after the baseball season ends, just to recoup and rest up from a long summer), to go spend a few days at the condo I own here in Scottsdale.

Yeah, I know, rough life, sitting by the pool in bright sunshine and near-record temperatures (it's supposed to be over 100 degrees for the next few days, way above normal for this time of year here).

But I'd rather be freezing in New York. I may watch some of the WS, but with little enthusiasm, and if I'm doing something else at the time, I won't interrupt it to run to the TV, especially since out here, it starts at 5 pm.

I may go to a ballgame while I'm here -- on Monday, Team USA, as part of an exhibition series it's playing here in preparation for the Olympic qualifying tournament next month, is playing the Mesa Desert Dogs at Scottsdale Stadium. If I go, I'll post a bit about it here on Monday night. I went to an AFL game last year, and it's really nice -- free parking, $5 admission, sit wherever you want, and a hardcore baseball fan crowd of maybe a few hundred people is there.