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The Who Cares Series

Got e-mail from my friend Jessica, who suffered through the NLCS with us, and who lives in New York:

Just my luck. A friend of mine who works for Letterman offered me tickets for game 6 or 7. Hey not the Cubs but I have never been to a World Series game so if he can get tickets and if there are those games I will go. Rooting for Fish of course. Actually I would love to have the Yankees beaten in LESS than 6 games and I think you were too quick to dismiss those "inexperienced" Marlins. I assume you hate Yankees as well but it is MUCH worse when you LIVE here.

I have been AMAZED at the number of people who were "worried" about me. I guess being a nutty die-hard in New York and taking off work to go to all the games does kind of stand out around here but literally EVERYONE from the place I get my coffee to guys in the wine store next to my apt wanted to see if I was OK and I got a TON of e mail from friends across the country ( which I know you did as well)

I did indeed get a ton of e-mail from friends and also from many of you and in the next few days and weeks I will try to answer all of it.

I'm glad for Jessica that she can get to a WS game, actually -- I have seen three of them, game 4 of the 1980 WS in Kansas City, and games 3 and 4 of the 1982 WS in Milwaukee. Seeing a World Series in person is something anyone who's a baseball fan should try and do at least once.

But I find myself strangely disinterested, much as I was in 1984, when I didn't watch or listen to even one pitch of the Tigers-Padres series. There's still that dull ache there from knowing that I should have been in New York today watching the Cubs play the Yankees, and I have a hard time rooting for the Marlins, and of course want the Yankees to lose. I'll listen or watch, I suppose, but won't go out of my way to do so. I gather the Yankees won tonight and evened the series.

My wife, brother in law and his wife drove up to Sedona (which I learned today was named after the wife of the founder; her name was Sedona Schnebly. He apparently wanted to name the town "Schnebly Station", and thankfully the postal officials said it was too long), and on the drive back listened to the game off and on, as the Phoenix radio signal drifted through the mountains. We also sat through a nearly forty-mile backup on the highway -- it was almost like driving through an L.A. rush hour, which added almost an hour to our trip back. Yeah, I know, tough life again.