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Cubs 2004 Schedule

I've obtained the TENTATIVE 2004 schedule. I cannot emphasize that word enough, because MLB has apparently even prevented some teams that did want to release their schedules, from doing so, primarily because of the uncertain status of the Expos (in fact, teams including the Cubs that have released schedules, list those games as simply "Expos". However, under the current scenario that would send the Expos back to Puerto Rico for approximately the same number of games as last year, they'd all be played before the All-Star break, and the Cubs aren't supposed to visit them till the end of August).

Anyway, I have TENTATIVE game times for about a third of the games, so here goes (home games in CAPS, and all times listed are CDT):

April 5-7-8: at Cincinnati
April 9-10-11: at Atlanta
April 12-14-15: PITTSBURGH
April 16-17-18-19: CINCINNATI
April 20-21-22: at Pittsburgh
April 23-24-25: NEW YORK
April 26(8:35)-27(8:35)-28(5:05): at Arizona
April 30-May 1-2-3: at St. Louis
May 4(7:05)-5(1:20)-6(1:20): ARIZONA
May 6-7-8: COLORADO
May 11-12-13: at Los Angeles
May 14(9:05)-15(9:05)-16(3:05): at San Diego
May 18(7:05)-19(7:05)-20(1:20): SAN FRANCISCO
May 21-22-23: ST. LOUIS
May 25-26: at Houston
May 28-29-30: at Pittsburgh
May 31-June 1-2: HOUSTON
June 4-5-6: PITTSBURGH
June 7-8-9-10: ST. LOUIS
June 11-12-13: at Anaheim
June 14-15-16-17: at Houston
June 18-19-20: OAKLAND
June 22-23-24: at St. Louis
June 25-26-27: at White Sox
June 29-30-July 1: HOUSTON
July 2-3-4: WHITE SOX
July 5(7:05)-6(7:05)-7(1:05): at Milwaukee
July 9-10-11: at St. Louis
(July 13: All-Star Game at Houston)
July 15(7:05)-16-17-18(1:20): MILWAUKEE
July 19-20: ST. LOUIS
July 21-22: CINCINNATI
July 23-24-25: at Philadelphia
July 26(7:05)-27(7:05)-28(7:05)-29(1:05): at Milwaukee
July 30-31-August 1: PHILADELPHIA
August 3(8:05)-4(8:05)-5(2:05): at Colorado
August 6(9:15)-7(3:05)-8(3:05): at San Francisco
August 10(7:05)-11(7:05)-12(1:20): SAN DIEGO
August 13-14-15: LOS ANGELES
August 17(7:05)-18(7:05)-19(1:05): at Milwaukee
August 20-21-22: at Houston
August 23(7:05)-24(7:05)-25(1:20)-26(1:20): MILWAUKEE
August 27-28-29: HOUSTON
August 30-31-September 1: at Expos
September 3-4-5: at Florida
September 6-7-8: EXPOS
September 10-11-12: FLORIDA
September 13-14-15: PITTSBURGH
September 16-17-18-19: at Cincinnati
September 21-22-23: at Pittsburgh
September 24-25-26: at New York
September 27-28-29-30: CINCINNATI
October 1-2-3: ATLANTA