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World Series Aftermath

Hey, that Josh Beckett really can pitch, can't he?

I suppose that's meant to make us all feel better about losing to a team that dominated the Yankees in a way that they couldn't dominate the Cubs (seriously, the Cubs lost because they imploded at the worst possible time), but it doesn't. I still could hardly watch any of it; the game that went extra innings (game four, I think) was kind of interesting, and I did see some of game six, because I had a sense it would be the last game of the year, and I do always like to see that one.


In the next few days I'm going to post an updated version of my All-Time Standings, which you can find elsewhere on my site, as well as the annual Bottom-of-the-Heap Awards, where I will give recognition to those who, well, usually wind up as Cubs, that is, the worst performances of the season just finished.

And so, we begin counting the days till spring training; sources tell me that schedules for next season are held up (some teams have released theirs already) in part because of the uncertainty regarding where the Expos are going to play in 2004, and once that is resolved, we'll know when and where Opening Day will be.

Stay warm, all.