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Three Things I Did Not Know Last Night

* Dozens of people were sold counterfeit bleacher tickets on the street for last night's game (marked "General Admission" -- ALL postseason tickets are reserved seats).

* I live less than two miles from Wrigley Field. It did not rain at my house.

* Remember the touching posting from "Fred" from the Cubs newsgroup that I posted here a couple days ago, about his mother and family and how much the Cubs meant to them? (It's listed below under "Thought For This Afternoon -- I keep a week's worth of postings here, and after a week you can click on the "archive" link at the left.)

I offered to give him attribution if he e-mailed me.

Well, he did, and he doesn't want attribution, but I'm going to give it to him anyway, and you'll know why when I tell you that...

Fred is my cousin. He had e-mailed me after the division clincher to let me know he'd been reading here for quite a while, and that he and his wife were going to Atlanta.

So the post was about my own family; Fred's mom is also my cousin, who I remember knowing many years ago when I was a kid and they still lived in Chicago.

Fred was right. Magic is in the air. Let's win it today.