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Random Thoughts

* Your intrepid correspondent finally got on a flight to Miami, leaving on Friday morning, so I will be at games three and four. So far I have the flight, a place to stay, and a rental car. Tickets? I will get in, somehow. Two other members of the Cubs Blog Army -- Scott Lange of The Northside Lounge and Chris Yarbrough of Yarbage Cub Review will be at game five, so we've got all seven games covered, since I'll be at all the home games.

The magic number is eight. Eight wins to the Promised Land.

* The weather the next two days here is supposed to be absolutely spectacular -- highs in the 70's and gametime temperatures in the upper 60's -- wonderful for mid-October.

* Watching the spray-champagne celebration (and I always wonder: why do they waste that stuff spraying it? Why not enjoy it by actually drinking it?) -- it occurred to me, Kenny Lofton must have had more champagne sprayed on him than any active player, maybe than anyone ever. He's been in the postseason virtually every year, from his days with Cleveland, his one year in Atlanta, last year with the Giants, and now two locker-room sprays already this year.

May there be two more.

Will post some thoughts on the matchup tomorrow.