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Afternoon Update

* Received this interesting e-mail from reader Cullen Caughron:

I'm a lifelong Cub fan who found your blog through a Rob Neyer article. It's great to read about people going through the same hope/heartbreak I am, as New Jersey does not have nearly enough Cub fans (at least not that I'm aware of).

Regarding Grudzielanek's missed tag, the one thing nobody seems to mention is it doesn't matter if Grudzielanek tagged Pierre or not. When he attempted to tag Pierre, Pierre jumped out of the basepath to avoid him! The umpire should have called Pierre out as soon as he jumped into the infield grass, regardless of the tag!

Unfortunately, it's just another umpiring mistake the Cubs will have to overcome this year. Similar to Lofton's catch in game 5, the team (& the fans!) have to put it behind them.

Excellent point, Cullen, and thanks.

* Also forgot to mention that the ivy is turning a very nice shade of brown, with some red mixed in. It seemed noticeably browner at the end of the game than at the beginning.