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This afternoon, two e-mails, just for fun and interest on today's off day.

From my dad, who served in the US Navy during World War II:

During the 1945 World Series, our destroyer, part of the Third Fleet (which was a key part of the force that had just conquered Japan), was anchored off the Yokosuka Naval Base, south of Tokyo. I was the communication officer of the ship, and tuned in to radio station KBMG (Honolulu) which was transmitting the game. Over the weak signal and the static, we were able to hear a couple of the games. I've been waiting for 58 years to get a Cubs "replay."

From Carole:

Entering CTA hell on my way home last night, I passed a curious scene at the Irish bar on the corner of Clark & Roscoe (sorry, the name escapes me at the moment.)

They had a truck on the south side of Roscoe in front of their bar. It had huge screen TV's on 3 sides of the truck. There were several people gathered there when I arrived with more gathering each moment. They were showing the bottom of the ninth of Yankees-Red Sox. Everyone was rooting for the Red Sox. It almost matched the fervor of the Cubs. Of course, I stayed to watch the end of the game before I continued my walk home. I had to walk to Schubert & Clark & wait 10 more minutes before I finally got a damn bus.

I'm off to Miami in the morning!