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Some of you have dropped me e-mails by clicking on the "contact/comment" link above.

Since that e-mail address is "out there", I occasionally start getting spam via that address, so from time to time I change it. If you've sent me e-mail in the past and you try to do so again and it bounces back as undeliverable, come back here and check the current e-mail address and try again. Thanks.

I also wanted to give a plug to Jose Pulido, who e-mailed me the other day about Hee Seop Choi. He's got a blog himself -- about the Magallanes, Venezuela ballclub. Check it out. Yes, it's in Spanish, but you can run it through a translator such as Babelfish and get at least a sense of what he's talking about.

The site has posted their list of the top ten Cub games of 2003. Not saying whether I agree or disagree with the list, but it does contain some of the great highlights of the season.