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Major League Baseball All-Time Standings

Most record books, in my opinion, leave out one of the most important parts of baseball -- the standings. They'll list franchises with their won and lost totals, but will disconnect franchises that obviously belong together, such as the A's and Braves (listing totals for each city separately), and they never put it in any sort of standing order.

So, about ten years ago I wrote an article for SABR's "The National Pastime" journal in which I put all this stuff together and listed it as "standings". Each year since then, I've updated it and put together some notes on how the teams have been doing over the years.

Click here for the 2003 standings, posted today. If you'd like a printed copy or a copy of any of the previous editions, feel free to e-mail me.

One other note today: former major league pitcher Bill Singer, who is now a "special assistant" (and just what do those people do, anyway?) for the Mets, made some racially insensitive remarks while at the general managers' meetings last week in Phoenix.

Seriously, don't these people ever learn? I suspect Singer had had too much to drink (this was at 11 at night) and it loosened up his tongue, which is probably going to loosen him from his job.

Then Bud Selig and the other honchos will cluck-cluck about this for a few days, and pay lip service to getting more minorities involved in management.

And in the end, nothing will change.