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How To Have Thanksgiving Dinner... Without A Kitchen

If you've followed this saga for any length of time you know that our house is still a construction site, though it should be finished in about two weeks (all fingers crossed, for sure!).

And if you are not from the USA perhaps you don't know what a big deal Thanksgiving is; it's my favorite holiday, mostly because many of our other holidays are exclusive to different religions, or not inclusive enough.

But Thanksgiving is for everyone. I've always liked the Thursday date; I love turkey (and used to love the stuffing, but I don't eat it any more), the football, etc. It just seems so uniting, and we need more of that these days.

So, as we have done the last two years, we put the turkey on the grill outside (luckily, it wasn't raining today), and since I don't eat stuffing any more (good as it is, it's basically mushed-up bread), and the kids don't eat it, we had sweet potatoes in the microwave, some salad, and for the special occasion, Eli's Cheesecake, a Chicago favorite; I figure I can indulge myself a piece of this once a year.

It worked really well; it was a really nice dinner, and with paper plates and the turkey resting in a throwaway foil pan, the cleanup was minimal. And there is nothing better than a turkey sandwich for lunch the day after Thanksgiving!

After dinner Mark showed off his skills at NBA Live, and he showed me some goofy tall players he created. He also made me into a player, and I suddenly turn out to have a wicked outside jump shot. We put me and all the other players on the Lakers and they are absolutely unbeatable.

Did I mention I love Thanksgiving?

Hope yours was wonderful. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.