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Happy Birthday to the World Wide Web!

It was ten years ago this month that Al Gore invented the Internet.

No, just kidding. But it was ten years ago, February, 1993, when the first graphically-based web browser, Mosaic, was released for UNIX-based computers by Marc Andreesen and his associates at the University of Illinois. This browser was the first step in making the web as we know it today possible; and of course it eventually morphed into becoming Netscape Navigator.

Communications and commerce have been irrevocably changed by the web; I could make smartass comments here about music sharing and, uh, certain kinds of photo sharing via the web, but all I'll say is that we who are computer-savvy live our lives much differently now, meeting people we never would have met otherwise, enhancing our lives, and being able to visit places that we wouldn't otherwise know about, thanks to Mosaic and its successor web browsers.