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Frank Thomas Is An Ass

Well, the Big Blurt is at it again, blaming the media and his teammates for his poor performance.

OK, I'm a Cub fan and shouldn't even give a south side player the time of day here, but I have to speak out on this one. Thomas is, in my mind, the poster boy for what's wrong with today's selfish, spoiled athlete.

He got paid a ton of money at a time when he was becoming a one-dimensional player. He accepted a "diminished-skills" clause in his contract, well, guess what? Management decided to invoke it, primarily because it appeared his skills were diminishing. So he whined about that, and found out that the free agency that he was offered brought no desire for his services.

He's right about only one thing: his former teammate David Wells (another ass, by the way) shouldn't have criticized him for allegedly "loafing" when he had a serious injury.

But Paul Konerko was right last year when he slammed Thomas for his sulking in the dugout and in the clubhouse, and for complaining about being benched when he was 0-for-16. Hey, that's baseball!. That's not how you get along; that's not how you get your teammates to support you, and most importantly, that's not how you win .

Personally, I think Frank Thomas put up ten of the greatest seasons we've ever seen from any Chicago player. But you have to take the bad with the good; some men do that gracefully, and apparently, Thomas isn't one of them. At the age of 34, he still could perform well enough to help his team into the postseason, and maybe himself into the Hall of Fame.

But for crying out loud, put a sock in it, Frank.