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Cubs Win!

OK, so it's just the first exhibition game, and played in mediocre weather, and in February at that.

And Mark Prior gave up a home run to Barry Bonds on the first pitch he threw him. Prior wound up giving up another homer to Jose Cruz Jr., and three runs total in his two innings of work.

For the Cubs, Midre Cummings hit two homers himself, in a bid to become the team's fifth outfielder. Cummings is a former #1 draft pick of the Twins, and at one time was a very highly sought-after prospect. He's 31 now, and the Cubs would be his fifth major league team. But if he keeps hitting like this, I'd think he's got a pretty good chance to make the squad. It'd help if he hit righthanded, but if you can hit, the Cubs can't afford to be fussy.