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Baseball Broadcasting Lesson

Listening to the Cubs/Brewers game today via WTMJ, the Brewers flagship station, I was struck by just how good the always-entertaining Bob Uecker is.

All of you who are baseball fans know that the Brewers stink. That they're probably going to lose 100 games again this year. It's Uecker's job to get you to listen to the games anyway, and that's why he kept saying good things about Luis Vizcaino, and Mike DeJean, and well, Richie Sexson is here ready to play again, oh, and even good ol' Curtis Leskanic is trying to make a comeback, and Ned Yost is pumping new enthusiasm into the ballclub... geez, it almost got me interested.

When you're thinking how easy it is to be a baseball broadcaster, know that you have to know how to sell the product you're broadcasting to what may be a disinterested audience, considering that some teams, the Brewers among them, enter the season with absolutely zero chance of making the playoffs.

Oh, and Geoff Jenkins got hurt in today's 6-3 Brewers win over the Cubs. So what else is new?

Not much good news for the Cubs today, except Kerry Wood threw a scoreless inning in his spring debut, and Corey Patterson hit his first homer of the spring.