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Greetings From Sunny Arizona!

Oh, man, is it beautiful here. And considering what's been going on in my family, which you all know about, the timing couldn't have been better. Strictly coincidental, I booked this flight quite some time ago.

Don't think me crass for coming here so soon after the funeral. Frankly, I think the best thing for the living is to live their lives, and remember those who have gone. That's what I'm doing.

I'll report on the Cubs split squad game vs. the A's in Mesa tomorrow. Today was an off day.

One news item I wanted to mention -- the censorship of the Rolling Stones for their concert tour in China. They have been told they cannot play Brown Sugar, Honky Tonk Woman, Beast of Burden and Let's Spend the Night Together.

They didn't play anything from "Some Girls" when I saw them in Chicago in January, so "Beast of Burden" was unlikely.

I wonder if they'll take a page from their 1967 appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show when he banned the Stones from doing that song, so they changed it to "Let's Spend Some Time Together".