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Can't SOMEONE Shut Him Up?

Ronnie "Woo Woo" Wickers, the annoying human air raid siren, was audible clearly throughout the last couple innings of the Cubs' 9-2 loss to the Royals today on WGN radio.

Seriously -- why does anyone think this guy is cute, or funny, or something pleasurable? It's like sitting next to a fire alarm if he happens to be near you in the bleachers, which he unfortunately has, too many times. Even Wrigley Field security has become afraid of asking him to go elsewhere, even when someone other than me asks for him to shut up.

Fortunately, they're not this way in Arizona. Last year, the Mesa police told him to keep quiet and he did. I won't hesitate to ask them, or any other local officer in a spring training park, to turn the sound off. Enough is enough.

Today's game was hardly worth writing about, which is why I'm not saying much. Many of the regulars, including Sosa, Choi, Hill and Gonzalez, didn't start -- it was almost like a "B" game. Good news included two scoreless innings from Shawn Estes.