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Soak Up The Sun

That was about the best thing to do today, as the wind was howling off the lake (and blew a few clouds over for an hour or so), making the 45-degree day feel much colder.

The Cubs shut out the Pirates 4-0, as Kerry Wood showed signs of resuming the dominant form he showed as a rookie. He struck out 13, and of course many of the fans would have loved to see him finish, but 122 pitches after 8 innings is just about enough, so Dusty Baker pulled him for Mike Remlinger, who struggled, and Joe Borowski, who finished, and made a strong case that he should be interim (and maybe permanent) closer. Amazing that Borowski was supposedly "on the bubble" during spring training.

The Cubs will deny it, but it seems to me as if they must be selling more tickets to the bleachers. Capacity (as dictated by the fire department) in the bleachers is 3,950. It was very crowded in the aisles and on the back fence, especially considering it was a cold day in April. I have to believe they're selling more than the allotted number of tickets. That's one way to circumvent the city not allowing them the bleacher expansion. Say, this is one thing I could actually agree with Richie Daley on. But I'm still mad at him.

My friend Dave offered to buy me a frosty malt -- I asked him to look and see how many grams of carbohydrates are in them. SIXTY! And all of those are sugar carbs. No wonder I was getting fat. No more frosty malts for me.