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No, not the result of today's 4-3 Cub win over the Pirates, but the glacial pace at which the first three innings were played -- nearly 90 minutes! I was almost falling asleep. OK, I'm off of a 5 1/2 hour night of sleep before work, but still, un-boring baseball could have kept me interested.

Luckily, Matt Clement settled down and wound up throwing seven good innings, leaving trailing, while Lloyd McClendon, Pirates manager, did his very best to give the game away, and the Cubs accomodated by accepting. This is already an improvement over last year's team, and Dusty Baker used his bench very well.

Dale Petroskey, Hall of Fame President and Censor, appeared before the game to accept Sammy Sosa's 500th HR bat for the HoF, and got booed. Good.

My friend Phil made his first appearance of the year, and despite the team's good play, he's ready to make several trades and minor league moves already. We had to calm him down, and in fact, had to calm him down even more when a drunk young lady was evidently very interested in him. However, he left alone, and she went off with her friends.

With the boring game, we spent a lot of time scoreboard watching, and were particularly interested in Philadelphia's 13-run inning; turned out that set a Philly team record and was the most runs allowed by the Reds in an inning in 49 years. Also the Expos wound up sweeping their first series in Puerto Rico, over the hated Mets.

Anyway, I am really looking forward to the season's first 80-degree day here tomorrow!