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Blowing Out!!

You don't get these kind of windy, warm days that often in April. Well, actually, yes you do, since the record high temperature -- 88 -- for this date was set only last year. But it seems the Cubs in recent years have often been out of town on those days, so it was nice to see an early summer day, plus a present of the easy 11-1 win over the Reds today at the ballyard.

Everyone hit today, and it was nice to see Bellhorn especially start to come out of his slump. He now has 10 RBI -- second on the team -- on seven hits. Sammy homered, as did Choi. Particularly gratifying was seeing Estes spot his pitches so as not to be affected by the wind. He might just be that kind of sinkerballing, offspeed lefty who can be very successful at Wrigley Field. With 101 pitches thrown in 8 innings and a ten-run lead, it made sense too, to get Kyle Farnsworth an inning of work.

Had some extra tickets so invited a buddy from the Cubs newsgroup and his daughter, and also one of my co-workers, to make our little group a bit larger today. Phil showed up for the third day in a row -- see, he's been promoted to management this year, so he can take off from work more easily!

Oh, and I made the Wrigley Field debut of my shorts. Actually, not the same shorts I wore in Arizona, but a brand new pair purchased at Old Navy today. Brian called and asked if I had them on and when I said I did, his reaction was "Holy crap!"

Rain expected the next two days, but we've sure had a couple of nice ones.