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The Men's Room

Last night's ugly 11-3 Cub loss to the Reds was so poorly played that I thought I'd talk about the men's room in the bleachers.

Why? Because last September, about half the lights in there burned out and they didn't replace them.

ALL WINTER, they didn't replace them. Until yesterday, when they replaced half of them. Guess the cost of lightbulbs is too much for the Tribsters. Also in the men's room last night, there was a sign advertising an apartment for rent a couple miles from the ballpark. After all the usual apartment particulars, it read: "Landlord will include two bleacher tickets for a date to be determined." Not a bad deal if you need a place to live.

There were more than the usual number of drunks thrown out last night; I guess the unseasonably warm weather (79 degrees at game time) brought out the loonies early this year. There were also 300 Koreans and Korean-Americans sitting in the upper deck, with blue ThunderStix and an enormous banner reading "We Love Big Choi, Cubs, America". Unfortunately, Hee Seop didn't even get into the game, not even to pinch-hit in the 9th. I learned that this group also drank themselves three sheets to the wind, but whether or not it's related to Choi's bench stint, I have no idea.

As for the game, the only thing I have to say is that the Cubs should have worked harder on defense in spring training. They made three errors, two by the pitching staff (Prior and Cruz), and though that wasn't the only problem (it looks like Dave Veres might be washed up), it didn't help.

Near record temperatures in the mid-80's are expected for this afternoon's match with the Reds.