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More On The Umpire Attack

Mike Celizic of has written an excellent article on yesterday's attack at "The Cell" (the new nickname for the Comiskey Park corporate name).

Among other things, he writes:

"...we need strong laws against trespassing not just on courts and fields of play, but everywhere that there are public performances. You go on the field you should get your choice of a hefty fine — $5,000 is a nice starting figure — or a month or two in the local lock-up. No exceptions, no mercy. And that should be for just running on the field or the court or the stage or wherever. Assault someone and the penalties raise exponentially. Tell everyone that the sentence is mandatory and only a bigger idiot than the sort the White Sox have attracted would even consider a foray into the field of play. It will take time to recruit and train guards to be effective, and, until then, the beer taps have to be shut off. When they’re turned back on, the vendors should get rid of those 20-ounce and 16-ounce cups and serve only 12-ounce drafts — one per customer per trip to the refreshment stand. Given the length of lines at the concessions, that alone would do wonders to promote moderation."

I couldn't agree more. Let the bans begin.