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GameCast Works!

OK, we've determined that having me listen to games on the radio, or watch home games on TV, is conducive to Cub losses.

Today, away from Chicago, and with the game not on WGN, I "watched" it on's GameCast, which actually is somewhat better than TV since you don't have to listen to Chip Caray.

And, it worked! Matt Clement threw seven really strong innings and the Cubs beat the Pirates easily, 7-2. They continued their offensive production of the last few days, as virtually the entire lineup contributed. Mark Bellhorn has now raised his average nearly 200 points, from .043 to .224, in a little over a week.

I'm encouraged... it's too early to get excited, but I'm encouraged.

Also today, Hall of Fame President and Censor Dale Petroskey apologized for his actions in banning Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon from coming to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the great baseball film "Bull Durham".

So on April 26 or 27, the dates that the Hall celebration was to have taken place, go rent "Bull Durham". Celebrate baseball, this film and the terrific performances by Robbins and Sarandon.