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So Where The Heck Is He?

Yeah, I know, you really haven't been wondering where I've been since early yesterday. With a Cubs off day, I took a break after the movie review, and today, I've been traveling, returning home. Upon which I learned:

Six AM is really early to be at an airport. Although, the security lines are short, and once you land at O'Hare at noon, there's no ground traffic.

I get home to find that one of my sister's bank accounts that I thought I had closed a month ago was still open, thus leaving Bank One the opportunity to charge $18 for "insufficient balance". Sheesh! I went and explained the situation and of course, they waived the charge and finally closed the account. But, I shouldn't even have to waste my time doing that!

Tonight's Cub game report will be posted here tomorrow morning.

And so it goes.