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It's All Brian's Fault

See, normally I get to the park when the gates open so I can get my usual bleacher bench. Or, on days when I have to work, like today, Jeff comes and saves the bench. Well, Jeff wasn't available -- he had to work, so when I found out Brian was going to have the day off and could get there early, I asked him to save the seats.

Well, Brian usually gets stuck in traffic or something, and it was "or something" today; he was 20 minutes late, so we wound up sitting across the aisle, so I blame that for the Cubs' listless 2-1 loss to the Padres, an even worse loss than yesterday's, since it's the first series loss at home, and to a pretty sad-sack team.

The pitching is just fine -- Matt Clement had one bad inning, struck out six in seven innings of work -- but the offense was futile today. For some reason Dusty Baker thinks that Tom Goodwin, a one-tool player (speed), is a leadoff man. And he'll probably still think that, since Goodwin had two hits and scored the only run today.

Eric Karros had two hits, but when it counted, in the ninth, he swung at the first pitch from someone he's never faced before -- Jaret Wright -- and grounded out. What are these guys thinking?

Anyway, maybe a trip to Denver, where the Cubs and especially Sammy Sosa have always hit well, is the cure for this.

Oh, and Brian ran off and sat in the group section and never came back after the first inning!

Sight seen today: the "NITE GAME" indications on the scoreboard were set VERTICALLY instead of DIAGONALLY across the linescores of tonight's games. I have never seen it that way before.