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It's A Lot Of Fun, But...

... it's not baseball.

That's how I've always felt about Coors Field, especially in the early years when the Rockies were winning (under Don Baylor, no less), and their fans acted like they invented the game. Well, maybe they did -- but the game's not baseball. Where else could a seven-run lead in the ninth inning feel like it's in danger?

It did last night in the Cubs' weird 11-7 win over the Rockies.

Mark Prior sure had fun; in his second start ever in Denver he threw seven good innings, hit a home run and drove in four runs, raising the question among some, should he bat higher than ninth? I say no, but the club might consider using him in certain pinch-hitting situations. Why not have another right-handed bat on the bench?

I did nod off on the couch for a while watching this game, not because it was boring, just because even after a day off, I'm still kind of tired after a long week of getting up early.

The funniest thing in this game was in the seventh inning, when the umpires lost track of the count and had to have a short meeting before granting Alex Gonzalez a walk for which he had qualified.