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The Best-Laid Plans...

I had arranged for the packers/movers to come to my sister's place today in part because I knew the game was going to be on WGN, and knowing there was no cable there, I could watch on her TV, before The Ark comes tomorrow to pick up the clothes, books, furniture, etc. that I'm donating to this worthwhile organization.

What I hadn't figured on was that we allowed some close friends and family to go there first and take what they wanted. Someone took the TV! Luckily, I'd been there yesterday, so I brought my old JVC portable B&W TV (3" screen) to watch the game. Got there and the batteries were dead, so I had to run out and get batteries.

It was hardly worth the trouble to watch today's troubling 6-3 loss to the Rockies, though when I left her place the game was tied. The offense just doesn't seem to be able to get untracked, and today's lineup selection didn't help. The Cubs are now 1-6 when Eric Karros starts, and though I'm not blaming him (he hit his visiting-player-record 21st HR at Coors today), they've got to get it figured out before they play the best team in the NL, the Giants, and Dusty's emotional homecoming, this week.

The Giants, for their own part, got no-hit today by the Phillies' Kevin Millwood, so maybe the Cubs are heading in there at just the right time. And luckily too, no one else in the NL Central is playing very well these days... the Cubs are the only team with a winning record, and still stand two games in first place.

I did save some things from my sister's place, mostly some paintings of my grandmother's, her original china set (hand-painted from England, probably a wedding gift), and lots of family papers and photos. It's always strange to sum up someone's life in a few boxes, and a sobering thought that someday, that'll be the sum of my life too.