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The End

As I mentioned yesterday, today was my last time at my sister's apartment, waiting for the truck to come from The Ark for its donation. Well, they claimed they rang the bell, but I never heard it, so I had to wait more than two hours for them to come back from the near North Side where they had made another dropoff. Then they said they weren't prepared to take as much stuff as I had for them. Never heard of a charitable organization refusing a donation before. After a bit of negotiation they agreed to take everything; I closed and locked the place and left the keys with the landlord, a nice man who had a lot of nice things to say about Ann ("my best tenant -- always paid on time").

The people renting her apartment happen to be the couple across the hall (wanted a larger apartment, apparently), and so I sold them her window air conditioner, and left them her plants, which I couldn't take but couldn't bear to throw away.

And so it goes, on a day off for the Cubs. Tomorrow winds up being one of the handful of games I can't watch all the way to the end, as it starts at 9:15 CDT, just about bedtime for your early-wakeup guy here. So I'll watch the first couple innings, and find out the score when I get up for work on Wednesday.