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April Is The Cruelest Month

If only Chicago were located about 100 miles further south, we'd have had a nice warm week this week. Instead, we get this typical, rainy, stormy, drizzly, cold weather which more than likely will last till June.

I tell you this because I was considering going to the White Sox home opener today --yes, I know, the enemy -- but I am a baseball fan on top of being a Cubs fan, and a ballgame in town on my day off is always a nice thought.

But in the rain? In the cold? I'd do it for the Cubs, but not for the other guys. It appears that the game, which is now about 40 minutes away from its scheduled starting time, is either going to be long delayed or postponed, so I'll sit in the nice warm house and keep track of it on TV, and of course, wait for tonight's televised Cub game.

And yes, I'm still mad at Richie Daley.