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Chip Caray

First, in case you haven't heard, today's Cub home opener has been postponed due to the approximately three inches of snow that fell overnight.

The Cubs made the right call, though they waited till early this morning. They could have called the game yesterday, like the Yankees and Indians did. It'll be played tomorrow; weather is supposed to still be cold, though at least it won't be snowing.

Why did I mention Chip Caray? Because he stopped by our channel 7 studios this morning to cook up what was supposedly one of his grandfather's favorite dishes -- beef tenderloin cooked in beer. OK, I admit the thought of Chip cooking at first really grossed me out, but I have to tell you -- not only did he make this dish really well, but I had some and it was terrific!

And beyond that, frequently our studio guests can't wait to dash out the door after the show. Chip not only stuck around talking to the crew for half an hour, but he kept cooking! He's a genuinely nice, personable guy; we talked about Sammy's 500th and some other Cub-related stuff. It was cool to meet him and nice to know that he doesn't have any arrogant air about him.

Will update this item later today once the recipe is posted on the ABC7 website.