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This Could Be The One

Often, when teams go on to make the playoffs, you look back at one particular game and say, "This was the one that started everything, that sent them there."

Today was such a game. Tensely played, benches cleared after Barry Bonds was hit again, well pitched, with great defensive plays through nine innings, the Cubs pounced on two mistakes in the 10th by the so-far-almost-error-free Giants... first, Tim Worrell failing to throw to second on what would have been an easy inning-ending double play. As Steve Stone said on the telecast, he apparently just forgot there was only one out. Then Edgardo Alfonzo made an error, putting two runners on with two out. Now, past Cub teams would have meekly gone out in this inning, but Alex Gonzalez decided to make this the time to break out of his slump with a three-run homer, and then Sammy Sosa homered too, for the exclamation point in the Cubs' exciting 5-1 win over the Giants.

It sounds like hype, I know, but teams get energized over wins like this... it gives them a 3-3 road trip, winning the series over what had so far been the best team in the NL. I'll bet the plane ride home tonight is great fun, and that the players can't wait to get to the ballpark tomorrow, despite the mediocre (55 degrees and windy) weather forecast.

Remember this date. It's the most significant of the season so far.