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This is why you can't get too excited about just one win. Tuesday night, the Cubs looked great in beating the first-place Giants in their home park.

But they do still have Barry Bonds, and he hit career homers #620 and #621 in last night's otherwise pretty boring 5-0 Giants win over the Cubs.

Once Bonds homered for the first time, I figured the game was over and went to sleep. Turned out I was right. Plus, Jason Schmidt was throwing lights-out, and sometimes you just run up against a pitcher like that. Matt Clement didn't throw a bad game; once again a Cub starter went six innings, which apart from Shawn Estes' starts seems to happen just about every day.

The pitching staff is the reason the Cubs are where they are, and with Mark Prior scheduled today, there's still a real good chance of winning this series. Glad it's a day game so I can watch while my new Internet service is hooked up today (my current ISP is discontinuing their DSL service, so I ordered new service. Yes, I planned it this way, to have it installed while the Cubs are on the road).

The fourteen wins the Cubs wound up with in April is second only to the 1969 team, who won 16 in April (this year's team, of course, won one game in March).