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That's the only word I can use to describe the actions of the Cubs, MLB and today's umpiring crew, headed by the execrable Cub-hater Bruce Froemming, in starting and playing today's game in what I have to say were the most miserable conditions I have ever experienced at Wrigley Field.

And to what end? To save the Cubs' sellout crowd? Not so many years ago, a game scheduled to be played under these conditions would have been called off at 10 am; they wouldn't have even opened the gates.

But now, in the interests of probably $1 million in gross revenue to the Cubs, they open up, sell more beer and souvenirs, and attempted to play in horrid conditions, which resulted in poor pitching (seven home runs through four innings, a couple of hit batsmen), and what is perhaps a very serious injury to St. Louis RF Eli Marrero, who had to be carried off the field. It was reported as a "severely sprained ankle", but it looked to me like it could have been an Achilles tear, which could be career-threatening.

Is this worth playing through? I say no. Maybe today's game will finally be the impetus to a rule change which would allow umpires and clubs to suspend any game that has begun; that would have allowed them to play an inning or so, then call it off. No more rain checks; just finish what you've started. It would take all the pressure off the clubs to "get five innings in", which they did in last Sunday night's ESPN game, played under an even harder rain.

OK, you might say that I was nuts for staying out there, and I probably was. Usually I have my huge umbrella that keeps me reasonably dry, but this time it was too windy (40 MPH gusts), and the umbrella was useless. I probably ruined a pair of leather gloves, although the new backpack I just bought ("water-resistant", it said!) apparently was as advertised -- everything in it stayed dry.

I did stay through all the play, till it was held up in the top of the 5th. It'd serve them right if they didn't play and were, under current rules, forced to refund all the tickets. Oh, that includes two extras I had that I couldn't get rid of!

More on the game itself later, if they indeed finish (I'm dry and warm at home now) -- but based on current weather & radar reports, that doesn't seem likely.