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Stupidity and Greed

It's amazing how much of that is in our society today.

Stupidity AND greed were in evidence yesterday at Wrigley Field -- and I'm still livid that a game was even attempted to be played in conditions like yesterday's. I have never seen any baseball game played in weather like that -- 48 degree temperatures, 40 MPH winds and driving rain. The game played on the field might have been entertaining, but it sure wasn't baseball. The players were trying to be pretty diplomatic, but I can imagine behind closed doors they're just as angry, if not more, than I am, considering that it may have cost Eli Marrero his season (they said 'severe ankle sprain', but it sure looked a lot worse than that).

Again, this could all be solved if MLB would institute a rule change, allowing every game that starts to be suspended and finished. Sure, you couldn't throw one pitch and then suspend it, but maybe one inning would be a useful point for situations like this. Had that been in effect yesterday, the teams could have played one inning, had the statistics count, and then finish the next time the two teams play. That way, the Cubs keep their money (which is clearly all they are concerned about), and the statistical integrity of the game is intact.

I won't hold my breath.