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A Good Beginning

Since the Brewers began playing the Cubs, first in interleague play in 1997, then in the NL starting in 1998, the team from Milwaukee has been a thorn in the Cubs' side. No matter how good the Cubs were, or bad the Brewers were, they have been pests, with high-scoring games the norm, and in 2000 they even played the longest nine-inning game in NL history up to that time (4:22; since broken).

That's why it was a really good sign to see the Cubs come up with an early seven-run inning and cruise home to an easy 11-5 win last night at Miller Park.

Especially good were performances of Troy O'Leary, who homered -- he'll have to pick up some of the slack while Sammy Sosa is out -- Moises Alou, who also homered, continuing his hot hitting; and Mark Grudzielanek, who had four hits.

Unlike previous years when Cub/Brewer series routinely sold out in Milwaukee, even at old County Stadium, only 19,106, less than half Miller Park's capacity, showed up. This bodes well for me, since I've decided to drive on up for Thursday's game. I'd guess they'll get not too many more than that most of the series. Brewer sales are way down since the team has sucked the last two years, and this puts the lie to another of Bud's big lies -- that a new stadium is the solution to any team's problems.