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Doubleheader Split

And you're thinking, what doubleheader? Did I miss something?

Well, after the Cub game, I went to watch my son play in his park district league game, which his team lost 20-13. OK, so it's a bunch of 7-year-olds running after the ball. He's on the Pirates this year -- a distinct improvement over the last two years, when he's been on the Cardinals and White Sox. At least the Pirates aren't a team that I totally detest. Oh, and they lost to the Tigers today. That's news in itself, considering how bad the real Tigers are. I was beginning to wonder if this team of 7-year-old Tigers might have been able to beat the real ones.

Oh, right -- the Cub game. Well, they got in pretty late last night from the West Coast, but put their hitting shoes on and beat the Rockies 7-4. Encouraging signs today included two hits, a walk and 3 RBI from Mark Bellhorn, who hopefuly will come out of his slump and keep his 3B job, and quash all the trade rumors. I'd love to see Dusty hit him leadoff but as long as the team is winning, I can't complain too much. Shawn Estes threw well for seven innings and then ran out of gas in the eighth, but the bullpen rescued him.

Dave and I got into a long discussion on the merits of Hee Seop Choi. I love having a guy like this who'll be patient at the plate. Dave says he's the only left-handed power the Cubs have and as such, he's got to swing the bat. He's got a point, but I still like the fact that a 24-year-old rookie can wait for his pitch. I believe the home runs will come for Choi.

Today's crowd was smaller than the weekday afternoons against the Padres, leading me to believe that the Cubs are screwing around with attendance totals. Could it have something to do with the ticket brokerage they now run?

Sight seen: the dead, painted juniper bushes in CF have been replaced with real, live juniper bushes. And after the rains of the last few days, the grass looks terrific. Now if only it would warm up (it was 45 degrees at game time today).