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So I turn on FSN at 6 and there's an auto racing show. I figure this is just a screwup, so I turned on WGN radio to find out the game has been rained out. Of course, FSN could have had the courtesy to put a "rained out" bug somewhere in one of the corners of the screen, but I guess that would have been too much work.

First thing I thought of was that this was a reaction to the game played in horrible conditions here a week ago Sunday. So I checked out the Pittsburgh weather forecast and radar. Yeah, there's some rain heading that way, but the temperature isn't that bad (upper 50's), not too much wind, and it appears, since it's not raining there right now, that they could have got five innings in. This would be a good thing, if MLB people are actually concerned about the welfare of players and fans.

Oh -- I forgot. There's not a sellout crowd at PNC Park tonight, is there?

Anyway, this is a good thing for the Cubs. It's one more game that Sammy Sosa won't miss; I doubt the Cubs will adjust the rotation, because doing so would mean skipping Kerry Wood's turn, since he was supposed to go tonight. I guess they could skip Matt Clement, but if Clement throws Thursday, that means Mark Prior could go against the Astros on Friday, and that probably works out better all the way around.

This game will be made up as part of a doubleheader on Friday, September 19. Let's hope both games mean something.