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Stupid Suburban Tricks

Well, they found the people, or some of them, at least, who were responsible for supplying the beer to the beer-brawl hazing in Northbrook.

At first I thought it might be friends of the high school kids, recent grads who are now 21. Nope! Turns out it was a couple of the moms of the kids involved.

I mean, just how freaking stupid are these people? Is this the "oh, they're going to drink anyway, so let's be the ones supervising it" attitude? That's just damn reckless and irresponsible. What if, as Sun-Times columnist Mark Brown noted today, one of the kids had been killed, or worse, killed someone else driving home drunk from the escapade?

No, this is just another sad commentary on today's society, where no one gets taught any rules or responsibility, no one takes responsibility for their actions, and people just dismiss it as "oh, it's just kids".

I must sound like the oldest curmudgeon in the book here, but this kind of shit just has to stop. Someone has to stand up and say "Enough". I hope it's the judge who sentences the two moms involved. Someone has to set an example, or we're all going to go right down this toilet.