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Road Trip(s)!

No, the Cubs aren't going on the road again -- that last trip was the longest since 1983, incidentally.

I am going on the road; first, to my 25th anniversary college reunion. There. You can figure out how old I am now by doing some simple math.

As a result, I won't be at the Friday and Saturday games at Wrigley Field, but will return for the Astros/Cubs game on Sunday. If I can find a TV with cable, I'll try to sneak a peek at Saturday's game for a while, and also maybe post a note or two about the reunion.

Coming up next month, I'll be road-tripping with the Cubs, as I'm taking the entire family to the Baltimore and Toronto stops on the mid-June Cubs road trip. I've seen both of those parks before, but seeing the Cubs there will be cool, and it'll be fun to report from the road. We'll also be doing the Washington, DC tourist stuff on that trip, so you'll forgive me if this blog begins to read like a travelogue for a while.

One of my old college buds (OK, he's a Mets fan, but he has to be forgiven since he grew up on Long Island) will be at the reunion, and as he now lives in Virginia, he's driving over to Baltimore to meet us for one of the games at Camden Yards, and he'll also be at Wrigley Field in July (to "root against the Braves", as he puts it).