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No Costumes

So today I learned that you cannot wear a costume to the ballpark (except, I suppose, on 70's night, which the team sponsors).

I learned this because some guy, apparently as part of a bachelor party, came in wearing a wig that looked like a bad hockey player's mullet. They took it away from him, then gave it back -- I guess maybe they felt sorry for him. So that got me to wondering -- why not ban the human air-raid siren? He wears a Cub uniform to the game, yet he's not a player. That's a costume, right?

I have to work more on this idea.

This is all part of telling you that the game wasn't really worth talking about. The Cubs lost ugly, 6-4 to the Rockies, in a walk-marred 3 hour and 15 minute boredom-fest.

Carlos Zambrano, who had only one major league hit entering this season, hit a windblown home run that Rockies CF Preston Wilson never even saw. Truth be told, I never saw it either; I totally lost the ball in the sun until it landed in the very first seat next to the shrubbery.

Dusty Baker continues to insist that Tom Goodwin can lead off on days when Corey Patterson doesn't start. And since when does it make sense to bench a left-handed hitting CF in favor of another left-handed hitting CF? We need a right-handed hitting backup CF, especially since our other backup OF, Troy O'Leary, hits lefty.

Maybe the Cubs ought to wear costumes -- I mean, different ones -- tomorrow. Oh, and the new cap I bought -- the one with the leather brim that looks like a baseball -- will not be worn to the ballpark any more, since the Cubs are now 0-3 when I wear it.

After the game, which as I mentioned earlier dragged on and on, I rushed to make a 5 pm showing of the movie "Identity". A review will be posted here sometime tomorrow.