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HAMILTON, NY -- I'm writing this from a computer lab at Colgate -- and a nice one, one that surely wasn't here when I was in school here, nor was it here when I was here for my 20th reunion five years ago. Sheesh, they even have cable TV in the dorm lounges here!

It was nice to see some of my classmates who I ran into already at the burgers & dogs lunch they had; there seem to be a lot of people arriving later today. Other than bringing the campus into the 21st Century with computers and cable TV, really, nothing has changed here in Hamilton, New York, the small town of about 3000 permanent residents where Colgate is located. They have opened a really nice bookstore downtown, which has general-interest books, computers for sale, a cafe, as well as the usual college bookstore type of stuff, where we dropped $100 on sweatshirts and t-shirts.

They've got a special program here for the kids, so that's where they are this afternoon, and tonight there's a barbecue and then the traditional torchlight parade that they have every reunion year -- those of you who know me well, know I'm a sucker for tradition-laden stuff like that. That's one of the best things about this school, and one reason I really enjoy coming back here for reunions.

More tomorrow, plus hopefully a report on this afternoon's Cub game, which is beginning right now. I won't see any of the game today, but tomorrow's game is on WGN, so if there's a break in activities in the late afternoon, I hope to take in an hour or so of the game.