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Say, if you click on that, you'll get the lyrics to the old Iggy Pop song.

Which pretty much describes my day. I was so bored I went and got the oil changed in my car. And didn't even have to wait in line, which I actually had time to do. Doesn't that figure? I know if I'd have been in a hurry, I'd have had to wait half an hour.

I even watched part of the Sox game. Well, it's baseball, right? The game's still going on; I may go back and watch some more of it.

I was very pleased to see that the Cardinals lost to the Reds 8-4 today, putting them a game and a half behind coming into the weekend series. I'm not worried about Cincinnati -- their hitters are indeed hitting (Aaron Boone hit 3 homers today), but their pitching staff is abysmal, and the Cardinals' isn't much better. Yes, the Cubs could probably use some offensive help, but the pitching has been, with a couple of exceptions, exceptional so far this year.

In fact, Aaron Boone would look pretty good in a Cub uniform. However, despite the bleatings of certain Sun-Times writers who seem to keep saying "a trade is coming sooner or later", maybe making a deal isn't the right thing to do. We were all sure that Fred McGriff was the final piece of the puzzle in 2001, but the Cubs went right into the tank after acquiring him. Sometimes the best deals are the ones you don't make.

The weather this weekend is predicted to be variable -- maybe cool, maybe warm, maybe stormy.

Finally, while I'm at being bored, I have to say that the absolute stupidest baseball story of the year is whether or not Rey Sanchez was getting his hair cut in the clubhouse during a game. I mean, WHO CARES?

Only in New York would they make a big deal out of something like this.