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A Long Day...

... and so, I'll post a lot more on the reunion weekend tomorrow. Got up very early because we had a 45-minute drive to the airport in Syracuse, made into an hour-plus drive by an absolute deluge of rain.

Being late, I rushed to buy a newspaper. Paid for it and left it on the counter, so bought another one, so I could catch up on yesterday's box scores and other news. Incidentally, one of the pitchers for Louisville (Reds farm club) against Syracuse in Triple-A action tonight is Jaime Navarro, believe it or not.

You know, I'm all in favor of stopping terrorism, as you know, and the new TSA people are very nice and efficient at airports, but frankly, it is absolutely ridiculous for them to stop every single person and make them take their shoes off and swab them down, at an airport as small as Syracuse. It has been proposed that a voluntary system could be devised, where you would submit to a very indepth examination of yourself, and qualify for a pass that would let you wait in shorter lines at airport security. I'd be happy to do that if it were approved; I'd even pay a small fee. The TSA people would then be able to concentrate on trying to find the real bad people trying to get on planes, rather than make blue-haired old ladies take their shoes off.

Anyway, not much to say about today's very bad 9-3 Cub loss to the Astros, other than the fact that I regaled everyone in the bleachers by showing them my ID badge from the reunion, which contained my senior year yearbook photo. That was much more entertaining than watching Kerry Wood implode yet again. And, not much to say about yesterday's 1-0 win either, except to note that it was not even the longest 1-0 game in club history (they played a 17-inning 1-0 game back in the early years of the last century).

He'll have to be on his A game to face Roger Clemens Saturday; Clemens will again be going for his 300th win, since he failed to get it today in the Yankees' wild 17-inning win over the Tigers in Detroit. That ought to be a terrific afternoon of baseball! Clemens also needs nine strikeouts to get to 4000 for his career; we're going to have a pool in the bleachers. I'll pick Corey Patterson, probably.

Much more tomorrow.