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The Land Of SARS

TORONTO -- It was like coming from summer to winter, from hot, humid & stormy DC to cold, misty, drizzly Toronto.

They do hand you a flyer about SARS when you step off the plane and you certify (by filling out a form) that you're not sick. I saw no masks, no sick people anywhere; it's just like coming to any other big city.

We booked the field-view room at the Skydome hotel, and let me tell you, it was worth the look on the kids faces to pay the extra $ for it. They are thrilled. You know, it's raining and foggy outside right now, but I don't care!! It can rain all night, and we'll still be dry watching tonight's game. There are quite a few Cub fans wandering around the hotel lobby already. I'd expect the Jays to have three crowds of about 30,000 or perhaps a few more.

One other note I wanted to make here about something I wrote about at length a few months ago when the subject first hit the media: the ridiculous suit brought by golddigger Karla Knafel against Michael Jordan was thrown out of court yesterday in Chicago. Cook County Judge Richard Siebel called it "extortionate" and he's right. The whole thing didn't make Jordan look very good either; sometimes I really question his judgment, from this to his ruining the most perfect ending of a sports career ever, by returning to play two mediocre seasons for the Wizards, to his attempts to do something with the rest of his life by managing/owning a basketball team, he really doesn't seem to know what to do except play basketball. That's fine, but at a certain point you've got to move on, and he doesn't seem to know how.