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Hey Look, I'm In The Paper!

Back on June 3, I got interviewed by a correspondent from "RedEye", which is a small tabloid paper just created by the Tribune, aimed at Gen X'ers.

The article was supposed to be about the atmosphere in the bleachers and how it's changed over the years.

Well, you all know what happened on June 3. That was the date of the Sosa corked-bat incident. That, plus the Yankee series, obviously pushed this article to the back burner.

But today, as I found out from some of the regulars in the Cubs Usenet newsgroup, the article finally appeared.

I got quoted, along with at least two other longtime bleacher season ticket holders. I thought the article was pretty well done -- accurately portraying what goes on out there.

Check it out soon -- I have no idea how long RedEye articles stay up on the web.