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First of all, an apology for any of you who are regular readers here -- I wanted to post this yesterday, but the Blogger site I use to create this blog was down for several hours while they migrated all the blogs to an "upgraded" site. It looks different and kind of weird, so I hope this post looks OK!

Anyway, "Hosed" describes perfectly Wednesday in the bleachers.

The ground crew once again decided that the bleachers should become a waterpark, and showed up with the ground crew hoses.

Fortunately, an e-mail I had sent earlier this year had some effect, as one of the ground crew chiefs came over and told us that we wouldn't get wet, which was the whole idea. I mean really, if you want to get wet on a hot day, go to the beach or a waterpark or a pool. Don't come to a baseball game! Besides, it wasn't that hot to begin with.

Then the Cubs got hosed themselves, as the bullpen completely imploded in a really disgusting 12-6, 10-inning loss to the Brewers. God, I hate the Brewers. They really have only two good players, yet somehow they come here and play like champions.

Only Joe Borowski threw well for the pen today; everyone else was awful, especially Todd Wellemeyer, who gave up two long home runs, one to of all people, ex-Cub #1 draft pic Brooks Kieschnick, who is trying to resurrect his career (with some success) as a pinch-hitter/slash/relief pitcher with Milwaukee.

Shawn Estes also threw well. I think this is because I wrote the wrong name on my scorecard, and didn't notice till the sixth inning -- I had written "55P", his number and position, but below it I wrote "PRIOR". Maybe I should try this more often.

I met Miles from the Cubs NG today; he lives in Georgia but is here for the week, and we had an interesting time dissecting the ballclub, especially as the bullpen gave up hit after hit. Even after all of that, a well-placed single by Sammy Sosa in the bottom of the 9th would have won the game, but he struck out.

We also, along with Jeff, happened to notice (it was hard not to) a woman with very large breasts and a very skimpy top. OK, OK, we were just looking. After much debate over whether they were real or purchased, we decided on real. She also had an
impossibly dark tan, which Miles said must have come from a bottle. I said, don't those things turn your skin orange?

Apparently not; there are new kinds of self-tanners, according to Miles, which turn your skin dark more naturally instead of just staining your skin. See, you learn stuff every day out in the bleachers. And this from a guy who makes me look tan.

I'm glad Mark Prior is (for real) starting tomorrow; this gives the Cubs a good shot at winning the series, and with Houston's loss to Arizona yesterday, the Cubs retain first place in what is rapidly becoming the 2003 version of the NL "Comedy Central".

Finally, Kyle Farnsworth was suspended for 3 games for his part in the Reds brawl last week. The ESPN article linked above hints that Farnsworth might not appeal; I still hope he does. But all of you should pick up a copy of Sports Illustrated this week, because it has a photo that makes pretty clear why Paul Wilson walked off the field with a bloody face.