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Our Nation's Capital

WASHINGTON, DC -- That's where I'm writing you from this afternoon, after an uneventful flight to Baltimore (though oddly, and I've never experienced this before, the plane ran all the way down the runway after landing and then made a 360-degree turn on the runway itself before taxiing to the terminal), and a nice lunch with my friend David, who was generous enough to pick us up and drive us to DC. He's also joining me for the games at Camden Yards along with his daughter (nice company for the kids), and my Colgate friend Tom, who's driving over from rural Virginia for tomorrow night's game.

We are off to visit the Bureau of Engraving & Printing in an hour or so, which is of course where they print all US currency, which I thought the kids would find cool. I'm hoping for some free samples, but I won't hold my breath.